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You are absolutely spot on to think that if we took this approach outcomes to different relationships and conversations would be different. I also feel that the ability of someone being able to accomplish the agree to disagree outlook end up seeing a dramatic change within themselves. I was a person that needed to prove I was right and of I couldn't or you wouldn't listen then I would write that person off and in essence write off anything that I could have possibly learned from that person. Most recently(last 5 years) I have learned that ability(still trial and error) and it has expanded and grown so many relationships in my life in particular at work when confronted with a fellow director. We have disagreed on many things but in the end have respected one another's difference and come to accept that sometimes the knowledge we take from these interactions are far more important to our growth than who was right and who had the last word.

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I feel much the same about talking church crap. I have come to find out that i feel much more respectful and tolerant of and responsive to other folks takes on church crap or political crap when we are side by side in the field picking up junk after a hurricane blew thru. Somehow, for me, that shared mission effort seems to take the angry grenade-lobbing edge off.

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Love this! I Agree 100%! People just don’t respect each other. People Aren’t open handed.

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